Welcome to Binus e.COM 2014 website: “Embracing Diversities” To mark the 13th year of good progress, we proudly present remarkable yet fun opportunity to join English Competition in ASEAN. We hosted an event by gathering students from ASEAN due to strengthen and promote English as international language in challenging ways that will be conducted on 19th- 21st September 2014, and is located at:





 Binus International JWC campus

The Joseph Wibowo Center for Advanced Learning (JWC)
Jl. Hang Lekir I No.6, Senayan
Jakarta Selatan 12270


To become the most prestigious, well-known, and high quality English competition inASEAN that brings benefits and opportunities for all parties; BINUS INTERNATIONAL, the committee, participants, sponsors, and media partners.

  1. Increase the total number of the participants.
  2. Promote Binus International as one of the top choice university.
  3. Creating effective promotional tools and strategies to attain the international
  4. awareness from the high schools and universities in the ASEAN countries.
  5. Invite a wider scope of participants who come from ASEAN countries
  6. Maintain professionalism through:
  • Precise planning
  • Hospitality
  • Punctuality
  • Discipline
  • Well organized committees





e.COM 2014 Embracing Diversity , Prize List



- 1st Winner : IDR 5,100,000.00
- 2nd Winner : IDR 4,100,000.00
- 3rd Winner : IDR 2,000,000.00

News Casting

- 1st Winner : IDR 1,700,000.00
- 2nd Winner : IDR 1,500,000.00
- 3rd Winner : IDR 1,300,000.00
- 4th Winner : IDR 1,000,000.00 (Offsite Winner)


- 1st Winner : IDR 2,100,000.00
- 2nd Winner : IDR 1,600,000.00
- 3rd Winner : IDR 1,100,000.00
- Highest Word : IDR 800,000.00


- 1st Winner : IDR 1,600,000.00
- 2nd Winner : IDR 1,350,000.00
- 3rd Winner : IDR 1,100,000.00

Spelling Bee

- 1st Winner : IDR 1,600,000.00
- 2nd Winner : IDR 1,350,000.00
- 3rd Winner : IDR 1,100,000.00

Story Telling

- 1st Winner : IDR 1,600,000.00
- 2nd Winner : IDR 1,350,000.00
- 3rd Winner : IDR 1,100,000.00

Story Writing

- 1st Winner : IDR 1,300,000.00
- 2nd Winner : IDR 1,100,000.00
- 3rd Winner : IDR 900,000.00

  • Exhausted and happy in the same time. Thanks for the opportunity to judge the storytelling competition @E_COM_2013 !!

    — junestarlene —
  • Had such a wonderful experience at @E_COM_2013 so grateful to have met @chandrastella & @Chaskanmpn and all the other participants <3 

    — @cvchan88 —
  • See you again @E_COM_2013, thanks for the great moments I could never forget.

    — @KelvinRicky —
  • Best thing about @e_com_2013 (from story writer’s perspective):they printed a book for the story writing winners! Best honor

    — @RanArtha —
  • Waw! Last night was amazing! Thank you for the support committees and participant of @E_COM_2013 !

    — @BIDC_ —
  • A happy result coming from @E_COM_2013 today! We got the overall champion again this year!

    — ”BNEC

  • It was awesome to see the vibrancy of @E_COM_2013 and its strong young organising committee at the main lobby. Reminded me of ECOM’s joy.

    — @pigarmahdar —
  • Great Job @E_COM_2013 committees ♡ love you guys so much!. 

    — @karynsusanto —



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Step 1: Pick the competition(s) of your choice from the Competitions below,
Step 2: Look for the icon, and click it!
Step 3: Fill up all the necessary information (Active email and phone number are compulsory/ indispensable)
Step 4: Wait for e.COM team to contact you!
Tips: While waiting, you can follow our twitter and FB to get UPDATED with e.COM!

1. Registration fee will be based on payment period
2. If the number of participants has reached the quota, you will be put on our waiting list


  • WE LOVE  e.COM 2014 



Payment period will be divided into two phases: Early Rate Period: Ended 31 July 2014 (last payment) Normal Rate Period: Starting 1 August 2014 

Early Rate Registration Fee*:

  • News Casting : Rp 200.000,00
  • Story Telling : Rp 175.000,00
  • Spelling Bee: Rp 175.000,00
  • Scrabble : Rp 275.000,00
  • Debate ** (for 3 people compulsory) .Rp 400.000,00 ; (for Debate only, optional: Additional reserve debaters Rp.75.000,00/person, (max. 2 additional reserve debaters, +1 trainee adju.)
  • Story writing: Rp 150.000,00
  • Speech: Rp 175.000,00


Normal Rate Registration Fee*

(Starting August 1, 2014)


  • News Casting : Rp 250.000,00
  • Story Telling : Rp 225.000,00
  • Spelling Bee: Rp 225.000,00
  • Scrabble : Rp 300.000,00
  • Debate ** (for 3 people compulsory) .Rp 450.000,00 ; (for Debate only, optional : Additional reserve debaters Rp.85.000,00/person, (max. 2 additional reserve debaters, +1 trainee adju.) *
  • Story writing: Rp 200.000,00
  • Speech: Rp 225.000,00

*All prices above (except for Debate) are the registration fee PER PERSON, with a MAXIMUM of 3 PEOPLE PER INSTITUTION in ONE competition.

**For more information about additional debaters, please contact Head of Debate Zakky R. 0857 10346153 (Zakky.r@windowslive.com) 




1.Student(s) studying in senior high school or undergraduate level (Debate: Senior
High School only).
2. Student(s) must age between 15 – 24 years old.
3. Fill in the registration form in www.ecom.binus-event.com
4. Submit 2 (two) photos sixe 3x4cm, can be color or b/w.
5. Submit a photocopy or Student ID or government issued ID.
6. Submit a letter from the representing institution, declaring that the participant is part of that institution.
7. Early rate payment needs to be made before 31th July, otherwise the participants will be charged more as Normal Rate Period (See registration period guideline for more info).

8. All participants must be come on the Technical Meeting:
Day : 12th September 2014
Time: 15.00 PM- 17.00 PM
The Joseph Wibowo Center for Advance Learning (JWC)
Jl. Hang Lekir I No 6, Senayan Jakarta Selatan 12270 Indonesia
9. All required documents must be submitted.
*Notes: Rules and regulations posted in invitation are subject to change, and the
committees have right to adjust the rules before the competitions’




Information about TECHNICAL MEETING

All participants who join e.COM 2014, have to come during Technical Meeting.

The purpose is to inform rules and regulations of the competitions and the event.

Some competition will also give description of early round, which will be needed on the

first day of e.COM, 19th September.

The Technical Meeting  for the competition will be held on:

  • Day : 12 September 2014
  • Time : 15.00 p.m. – 17.00 p.m.
  • Location : Binus International JWC campus


Things you need to bring :

  • 2 (two) photos sixe 3x4cm, can be color or b/w
  • A photocopy or Student ID or government issued ID
  • A letter from the representing institution, declaring that the participant is part
  • of that institution.
  • Payment receipt (If you haven’t submitted it yet)
  • Personal stationeries



News Casting Competition develops the participants’ skills in reading and presenting news, as the professional
newscasters do. This competition also builds the spontaneity skills by having to do live reports, interviews and weather forecast.

Contact Person
Dinda Yanur Wing



Story telling competition is a competition where the participants show their creativity in visualizing any stories to audiences in attractive and unique ways within a predetermined time. Originality and attractiveness of delivery are the main focus in this competition.

Contact Person
Gabriella An

Scrabble is a board game with a nature similar to a crossword puzzle. In the game, participant forms words out of randomly picked letters. Each letter is worth various different values. This competition can be aimed to increase the vocabulary area of participants and test the spelling of the words.

Contact Person
Anthony Atmadja

Debate Competition consists of two teams taking opposite sides, arguing on a specified “motion” (given topic being discussed). e.COM 2014 will become a preparation competition before national selection for high school students, as we will adapt the WSDC (World School Debating Championship) style. The purposes of this competition are to develop public speaking skills and to widen the knowledge of the students.

Contact Person
Zakky R

The Speech division will be a fresh category that invites participants to stimulate their imaginative minds and learn the confidence to do public speaking in front of an audience.

Contact Person
Sisca Spencer

Spelling Bee competition challenges the participants to spell English words correctly in a limited amount of time. This competition develops the accuracy of the participants in spelling and increases their vocabularies.

Contact Person
Fanny Lim

Story Writing is a competition where participants may submit their short stories according to a theme set by the committee. This competition is aimed to increase participants’ creativity and English writing skills, including vocabulary and English grammar.

Contact Person
Michelle Devonna



Transportation and Accommodation:

For every participant of e.COM 2014 who needs a transport
and accommodation during the D-days we provide you accommodation
in Binus Square Guest Room with affordable
prices. Transportations will only be able to carry participants
from the accommodation site where we have already
provided, which is Binus Square Guest Room to the competition
venue and back to the accommodation site in the end
of the day. Transportation for the participant from or to the
airport or station is provided upon request. Please contact
registration team for the request.



Standard Twin
Rate : IDR 370.000

Superior Twin
Rate :IDR 410.000

Deluxe Room
Rate :IDR 510.000

Suite Room
Rate :IDR 640.000 for 4 people



- Breakfast requires an extra charge, and is limited up to 3 occupants/room.
- Prices are already discounted using Binusian ID Card.



- TV
- Internet
- Clinic
- Dining Hall
- Swimming Pool
- Mini Market
- Pantry
- Wi-Fi
- Parking Area
- Shuttle Service
- Lounge
- Study Room



TEL. (021) 536 79106 / (021) 53679107


1. What if I come late?

Answer: you will get the last row in the competition if there is a chronological order. For Example: Story telling where participants perform one by one. However competition that requires participants to start all together such as Spelling bee might get a penalty and disqualified (pending on how late and type of competition you may get a Penalty/ Disqualified)


2. What if I forgot to do my registration payments?

Answer: If you are late for paying early payment, you have to pay with the normal rate, but we will always remind you to pay the registration fees.


3. Can I choose more than 1 competition?

Answer: You are allowed to join more than 1 competition if you choose Story Writing as a first choice, and any one of the other 6 competition as the second choice. For example: you can choose Story Writing and Newscasting. This is because of story writing competition started before the other competition.

4. Can I choose my own topic? (for speech, story writing, story telling)

Answer: No, because the topic has been selected by committee so the topic is fixed.


5. How if I can’t come to the technical meeting?

Answer: you will not get more information about the competition (except for Story Writing), but we will inform you through email.


6. Should I bring my ID Card on technical meeting?

Answer: YES! And don’t forget to bring the other requirements mentioned above.


7. Will I get a certificate even though I lost in the competition?

Answer: No, sorry.


8. Can I bring my own notes?

Answer: Of course, yes.


9. Can my school / university send to more than 3 participants / team to ONE competition?

Answer: One School / University can send up to 3 participants (for Debate max. 3 teams) to one competition. However, if the School/ University is willing to send more than 3 participants / teams, the 4th participants and the rest.. will be placed on waiting list (means the 4th participants does not have to make payment). The 4th participants will be informed on 10th September whether He/She can join the competition (if there is still a quota inside the competition) and will be requested to make payment to join with the rest. For more information please contact our registration team.


10. Can we join if this year we are 24 years old / still university, however we turn 25/ graduate this year?

Answer: Yes you can, but we will check the validity of graduated, your birthday, as long as your age is 24 and still in S1 period.


11. Can Binusians join the competition?

Answer: Yes you can, but not as a committee. We will maintain the scoring and the fairness in every competition. If there is leaking of answer, both committee and partcipant will get fine about Rp 40.000.000,00.


12. Is the scrabble national ranked?

Answer: Yes. It is still processed to ISF, it will update after the registration of FAQ.


13. Is there N1 policy for debate?

Answer: No, please contact Zhakky (Contact person Debate) for further question about Debate competitions.


14. Are there rules and regulations?

Answer: Yes, there are rules and regulations both for general, and for each game there will also be rules


15. What is a technical meeting?

Answer: Every participant should come to technical meeting, 1 week before competition start, there is a rules and regulation that will be informed by committee. Also, for some competition there is a clue and topic for the first round.


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